Snow Fall

This was from another contest on Panhistoria.com that was fun. It had to deal with seasons.

Snow Fall

by Denise

The weather begins to change
From warm to cold
From cold to freezing
What was rain has now
Turned to new falling snow

The greenery of the ground
Now covered with whiteness of snow
With trees leafless are
Now covered with whiteness of snow
The beautiful snow covered ground
Hearing the Snapping of tree branches
From weight of the snow from afar
Drifting of snow whether it is
Powder or heavy thick snowflake
Lightly falling onto the ground

It is still beautiful to watch
As the snow slowly drifts down
Around you
As you lean your head back
With mouth open and
Tongue out to catch
A newly fallen snowflake

Not one snowflake is like
The other as it gently floats
Down from the white cloudy sky
Whether it is one or two snowflake
Or a blizzard

It is a beautiful scenery
To enjoy or even play

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Kirk Dale said...

I didn't know that you were a poetess! I like this offering of yours.
Bye for now