Tribute to Northanger Abbey

Below is something I did over at Panhistoria.com for 5 word poetry contest. And, being a fan of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, I thought I had a go.  :)

Tribute to Northanger Abbey
Date written: 10/9/2009

There in the blackness outside of the god-forsaken
And very ancient castle where it is
rumored to have ghosts, goblins,
vampires and such.

Suddenly clash of thunder traveled
Through the darkness of the clouds overhead
of the ancient castle and flash of lightening
to give it an eerie feel.

Dearest Catherine’s dream came true when she
Arrived at Northanger Abbey.
Reading a favorite book about the heroine whose
Heart is broken and who is terrified as
To what her capturer will do to her.
Because she has heard the owner’s late wife was
Found dead…Did he bled his wife to death?

Or was it vampires?
Or did Catherine’s love for the gothic romance?

Perhaps after all it is possible to
Read too many novels.