Jobs, where are you?

Being unemployed for nearly 3 years coming up in next month and I would like to know where are the jobs?
So far I have had at least one or two job interviews in the past two months with no such luck of getting hired.  :(

Over the weekend, I had a fun group interview for the position of Membership Sales Rep.  for a local non-profit museum (Pacific Science Center)for their upcoming exhibit (King Tut); which sounds so exciting and the last time I saw this upcoming exhibit was in 1977 when it came for the first time to Seattle.

I have two job interviews schedule this week, one is for the same museum that is mention above but this is for a volunteer position and that is tomorrow (24th of April) and the other is for Wednesday the 25th for actual job as a sales associate.

But in the meantime, I do my volunteer job for Membership at another local museum (Museum of Flight); which is fun. 

So we will see how my interviews go and to see whether or not I get a job.