Doctor Who The End of Time finale and with great sadness

I just recently saw the season finale of The End of Time parts 1 & 2 and with great sadness to see David Tennant who played the 10th Doctor for four seasons...has died...or should say regenerated into Matt Smith (11th Doctor and a whole new season).

I must say to David Tennant, you are the best Doctor I have seen, and you are excellent actor to have a such honored role as The Doctor and how much of us... your fans love you. You will be greatly missed as the 10th Doctor, and as I write this...I got tears in my eyes. I'm still heartbroken to see you leave for much better things but I feel that you will do well in whatever you do. :)

But at least I got all three seasons of Doctor Who to watch and enjoy and looking forward whenever series 4 aka Specials 2009 come out on dvd here in the states. I know I'll be grabbing that block of kleenex when I watch The End of Time for the fourth time...or was it fifth time.

I don't know why but part 2 of The End of Time was the best and also very emotional to see my favorite actor....or I should say...my favorite Doctor in so much pain leading up to his regeneration...and to be alone. I wish I was there to help you during your regeneration...you are never alone, Doctor.

*Grabbing another kleenex* I will miss you, Doctor, very very much! *weeping*