It's been a slow day in blogville

Well it has been a slow day for Elvina and her thougths that I haven't been able to tell you all.

Here are some of my thoughts....

1. I'm still in shock that David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who series after 4 years.

2. I just want to say thanks to the crew of the Atlantis for an awesome job of giving the Hubble Telescope a whole look and life and btw, welcome home Atlantis and it's crew.

3. Still job looking and still working.

4. planning to go and finish my AAS in Computer Science this fall.. This is pending as we speak.

5. I am still wonder why I am still single. Back in Jane Austen's day or in her books, I would have been married at the age of 16 or 17 years of age...probably to someone that I don't love. I'm sorry. I would rather marry for love..

See what happens when you read to many Jane Austen's books or the Bronte sisters' books. *grins*

6. The weather here in Washington State is beautiful sunny and warm in the upper 70's and you are wondering why I am inside and not outside... *grins*

I'm wondering about that as well. *giggles*