How about that 2nd Spacewalk

I'm currently watching or should say listening to the conversation between two Astronaunts on their 2nd EVA (Extra Vehicular Activities) on another window on my brower from NASA.gov website as I write this blog.

The Astronaunts on their spacewalk are Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper and Shane Kimbrough and they have passed their the five-hour mark of today’s planned 6 1/2-hour spacewalk outside the International Space Station.

They’re continuing work to clean up and lubricate a 10-foot (3-meter) wide gear that turns the space station’s starboard solar arrays.

“You guys are doing super work out there,” their crewmates aboard Endeavour said.



Oh btw, happy 10th Anniversary to International Space Station. :)


My first Blog

This is my first time blogging. I have never done this before....well scratch that... I have done blogging over at panhistoria website for this character of mine called Elvina Herewood.

I normally read other people's blogs. So, what I'm hoping to do is write about my various characters that I write under for the website called Panhistoria.

Panhistoria? what is that you ask? *curious*

Pan Historia means "all history": referring to the idea of the panorama of history from the ancient to the far future, and not excluding all other genres.

Pan Historia is designed to be a community for writers, graphc artists, poets, and researchers - with an emphasis on interactive creative fiction often called role play with an emphasis on role play writing or literary role play. While Pan Historia is a home for role play writers, it's also a home for all sorts of writers with sections for short stories and poetry as well as the the role play groups we call novels - where people can get together to write collaborative fiction. People interested in writing about or discussing history, science, art, current events, etc, can get together in convivial surroundings and join our reference groups called Reference Books.

The community was created after the Publishers were inspired in various other online communities but felt limited. Pan Historia is designed to, hopefully, strip away limits and allow people freedom with their imagination.

Peaked your interest? Then check out the website below. I have you the gist of what Pan is all about.


This is where I spend most of my time writing and talking with friends. :)