Snow how do I love thee

This was from another contest from Panhistoria for poetry.

Snow how do I love thee
Date: November 2011

Written: Denise

Snow how I do I love thee
like a gentle rain drops
Upon the ground

Snow how I do I love thee
Like a cold crisp Sunday morn’
Like hot chocolate
With a roaring fire

Snow how I do I love thee
Children screaming with delight
As the snow falls onto the ground

Snow how I do I love thee
“Yippee!!! “ Screamed the children in delight
Knowing that tomorrow
There is no school

Snow how I do I love thee
Tis a snow day!
That I see.


Snow Fall

This was from another contest on Panhistoria.com that was fun. It had to deal with seasons.

Snow Fall

by Denise

The weather begins to change
From warm to cold
From cold to freezing
What was rain has now
Turned to new falling snow

The greenery of the ground
Now covered with whiteness of snow
With trees leafless are
Now covered with whiteness of snow
The beautiful snow covered ground
Hearing the Snapping of tree branches
From weight of the snow from afar
Drifting of snow whether it is
Powder or heavy thick snowflake
Lightly falling onto the ground

It is still beautiful to watch
As the snow slowly drifts down
Around you
As you lean your head back
With mouth open and
Tongue out to catch
A newly fallen snowflake

Not one snowflake is like
The other as it gently floats
Down from the white cloudy sky
Whether it is one or two snowflake
Or a blizzard

It is a beautiful scenery
To enjoy or even play


Tribute to Northanger Abbey

Below is something I did over at Panhistoria.com for 5 word poetry contest. And, being a fan of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, I thought I had a go.  :)

Tribute to Northanger Abbey
Date written: 10/9/2009

There in the blackness outside of the god-forsaken
And very ancient castle where it is
rumored to have ghosts, goblins,
vampires and such.

Suddenly clash of thunder traveled
Through the darkness of the clouds overhead
of the ancient castle and flash of lightening
to give it an eerie feel.

Dearest Catherine’s dream came true when she
Arrived at Northanger Abbey.
Reading a favorite book about the heroine whose
Heart is broken and who is terrified as
To what her capturer will do to her.
Because she has heard the owner’s late wife was
Found dead…Did he bled his wife to death?

Or was it vampires?
Or did Catherine’s love for the gothic romance?

Perhaps after all it is possible to
Read too many novels.


Jobs, where are you?

Being unemployed for nearly 3 years coming up in next month and I would like to know where are the jobs?
So far I have had at least one or two job interviews in the past two months with no such luck of getting hired.  :(

Over the weekend, I had a fun group interview for the position of Membership Sales Rep.  for a local non-profit museum (Pacific Science Center)for their upcoming exhibit (King Tut); which sounds so exciting and the last time I saw this upcoming exhibit was in 1977 when it came for the first time to Seattle.

I have two job interviews schedule this week, one is for the same museum that is mention above but this is for a volunteer position and that is tomorrow (24th of April) and the other is for Wednesday the 25th for actual job as a sales associate.

But in the meantime, I do my volunteer job for Membership at another local museum (Museum of Flight); which is fun. 

So we will see how my interviews go and to see whether or not I get a job.


First images of the first five dwarves from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I am totally excited to see the first images of the first five of thirteen dwarves in full costume. Pretty awesome, don't you think. :)  Being a fan of The Hobbit and yes I have read the book about four or five times. Seeing the images of what the dwarves look like...well it is exciting. :)

To see the Dwarf pictures and for more info on The Hobbit:  Please go this website below:



To blog or not to blog

that is the question.   :)

Well has been long a time since I posted anything on here.  Probably because I have nothing to say. *blushes* or being unemployed for two years gave me way to much time to looking for jobs.

I think I will swing by Panhistoria aka http://www.panhistoria.com/ to see where and under what character of mine to work on some writing... Hmm... which genre to start with history genre  for Accursed Kings novel or Ile de Torture for a good pirate storyline that I need to get working on.... or my favorite Vices & Virtues pan's first regency style novel.

Hmmm.... so many novels so little time.   *grins*


Doctor Who The End of Time finale and with great sadness

I just recently saw the season finale of The End of Time parts 1 & 2 and with great sadness to see David Tennant who played the 10th Doctor for four seasons...has died...or should say regenerated into Matt Smith (11th Doctor and a whole new season).

I must say to David Tennant, you are the best Doctor I have seen, and you are excellent actor to have a such honored role as The Doctor and how much of us... your fans love you. You will be greatly missed as the 10th Doctor, and as I write this...I got tears in my eyes. I'm still heartbroken to see you leave for much better things but I feel that you will do well in whatever you do. :)

But at least I got all three seasons of Doctor Who to watch and enjoy and looking forward whenever series 4 aka Specials 2009 come out on dvd here in the states. I know I'll be grabbing that block of kleenex when I watch The End of Time for the fourth time...or was it fifth time.

I don't know why but part 2 of The End of Time was the best and also very emotional to see my favorite actor....or I should say...my favorite Doctor in so much pain leading up to his regeneration...and to be alone. I wish I was there to help you during your regeneration...you are never alone, Doctor.

*Grabbing another kleenex* I will miss you, Doctor, very very much! *weeping*